Friday Fun linkpile


This smiling chap in the photo above is Simon from Get Fixed. Simon wants to fix your bike. He’ll even pick it up for you and deliver it back – but if you drop it off to him in Paremata there’s a coffee in it for you. Best of all, he’ll give your bike a safety check – for free!

The Guardian rates Auckland as a city “where cycling should be more popular than it is”. (H/T to Councillor Bruce for the link.)

Also at the Guardian – looking for a weekend project? Make your own bicycle panniers. Awesome.

Across the ditch in Sydney, a bike-share scheme is being considered, but only if it wins an exemption from the compulsory helmet laws that appear to be causing problems with Melbourne’s and Brisbane’s schemes.

Meanwhile in NZ, Wellington cycle commuter numbers double (hooray!) but Taranaki police are about to start a ticketing campaign of riders on the coastal walkway (boo, hiss).

Happy Friday everyone.


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