It’s submission time of the year!

The results of the 2012 cycling cordon counts are out for Wellington and this year has seen the highest number of people entering the city on bikes in the last ten years! So more people are doing it, and its time we reminded the councils we need to start building for this growing transport mode.

There are three great opportunities to advocate for better cycle infrastructure out at the moment.

Cycle Aware Wellington has tried to make it easy for you by thumbing through the many hundreds of pages and weeding out the most relevant stuff for cycling. We’ve got the key points summarised for the two big important documents below (with a super important one to come next week). The most important thing is to get your individual submission in, using your own words and personal experience. What makes the strongest case of all is turning up for an oral submission so we really encourage people to make the most of your civic duties and give it a go.

So (before you fall asleep) here goes:

 Draft Regional Land Transport Programme Key Points:

  • Support the walking and cycling projects outlined as part of the first and second priority projects (relates to q1 of the submission form)
  • Bring forward the Ngauranga to Petone cycleway project to be completed within three years: Investigation and design in 2012/2013, and construction in 2013/14. (relates to q1 of the submission form) *(construction funding has been pushed back in the plan to 2015-17)*
  • Give the Ngauranga to Petone cycleway a better ranking to reflect its high benefit cost ratio (3.1:1) and the strong support it received in the Hutt Corridor Plan. (relates to q2 of the submission form)
  • For all expensive (third priority) roading projects that go ahead, consult cyclists. We can help to incorporate high quality cycle facilities from the outset , avoiding expensive retrofitting in the future. Use projects such as the Adelaide Rd and Aotea Quay improvements as an opportunity to improve the regional cycle network.
  • Reallocate the budget to devote a fair share to active transport. This is not happening yet with the vast majority of the budget spent on very high cost, low benefit roading projects.

Document and place to submit here
Draft Regional Long Term Plan Key Points:
  • Bring the installation of cycle racks on buses forward into the next three years *(instead of 2017)*
  • Improve and expand cycle storage facilities at train stations
    • Some train routes have capacity for bikes even at peak times. Remove bike restrictions for these routes, as already done for the Johnsonville line.
  • Support improving regional parks, especially easy and medium grade tracks for walking and cycling. These tracks can not only support recreational cyclists but if designed well can be utilised by commuters (eg, Hutt River trail).


4 thoughts on “It’s submission time of the year!

  1. I’ll admit to being the photoshop amateur here (fortunately I have an entirely different day job!)

    In its defence, I wasn’t trying to produce a realistic image. As it is I have people asking me where they can ride this section of the Great Harbour Way, and are nonplussed when they’re told its a mockup!


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