City Cycling Needs You!

Are you as mad as hell about New Zealand’s car-centric cities and don’t want to put up with it any longer?

Do you feel inspired to make a difference? Passionate to do something about it? Well, here’s your chance…

Wanted – for an ambitious, long term project with the intention of raising the prospects for cyclable cities in our otherwise fair land: two roles are to be filled; possibly by the same person:

PROJECT MANAGER: Skills in coordinating small teams and keeping timelines goal-focused and on track.  You will need to be able to work with minimal resources (initially). Knowing how to use a Gantt chart would be helpful but is not essential.

ANALYST: Able to follow the money. Our transport money, that is. Some prior knowledge of the labyrinthine ways of transport institutions, local and national will be advantageous, but not essential if you have an enquiring mind and an appetite for the big numbers.

You’ll need to be at least comfortable, if not downright passionate about the utility cycling manifesto, AKA The Vibe of CIA. Time commitment: 3-4 hours a week for starters. Your reward: In cycling heaven. Alternatively, with a bit of professionalism, perhaps, somewhat earlier.

Interested? Contact me for more information.

Cycling-a normal, everyday activity…like brushing your teeth.


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