Ladies, time to upskill!

Frocks on Bikes is offering some fabulous courses with the amazing Marilyn from En Velo and the wonderful Claire from too-many-things-to-mention-here.

Thursday 8th March at 6pm is our Road Rights & Responsibilities bar evening!  

What’s this all about?  

It’s about those sticky situations we all find ourselves in sometimes – where we wonder “ooh, can I do that?” or “ooh, can that car do that??!” Find out at 6pm on 8th March – come along and learn how to be street-savvy and legal in even the stickiest of Wellington’s street situations!

This session will also explain the new Give Way rules. Ooh Aah!

Find out your rights, and know your responsibilities as an awesome urban cycliste.

Register by email frocks and we’ll fill you in on all the venue details. Best of all, it’s free!


Saturday 17th March – Street Skills!

Get the basic skills you need for safe and confident street riding  – call it “beginners” if you like, but it’s skill we all need!  If rush hour makes you feel a bit nervous, or approaching potholes / incoming taxis / random pedestrians make you feel like taking to the pavement – Street Skills is for you!

$20 gets you a three-hour training course with off-road and on-road components delivered by our expert street skills trainers.  These courses get rave reviews, and make your everyday riding way more enjoyable.  Get in quick!


If you’re interested in any of these courses, send an email to frocksonbikes [at] or check out the info at


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