Friday fun film – Shit Cyclists Say

Some people say that lycra and hi-viz turns people off to bicycling; some people say it’s mandatory helmet laws; the roads; the drivers; the hills; the wind. Is there a language barrier between bicyclists and “normal” people?



2 thoughts on “Friday fun film – Shit Cyclists Say

  1. Simon Kennett

    Ha! That’s funny.

    Similar videos have been done for mountain bikers and runners. Could probably do a funny one for cycle commuters and retro riders and frockers. Pick any well-developed sub-culture and you’ll find some level of quirky langauage has evolved. Combine that with lots of passion and a few ubiquitous human foibles and there be comic material just waiting to be mined. Of course, it’s also the sort of interesting stuff that makes cities so cool to live in.


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