8 thoughts on “Helmet Freedom

  1. Bob

    If we all stopped moaning about helmets we’d probably be able to concentrate more on cycling. Maybe it should be optional, the results would be Darwinism in action!


  2. Rob

    I don’t see many clips of cars, vans or buses in those videos. I think it would be a harder sell if they showed trying to weave a bike through rush-hour traffic.


  3. Chris Glover Kapiti coast NZ

    Pushbike helmet laws have put a curse on Australia and New Zealand.
    It’s time we got rid of this evil law that’s negative in every way.
    I want a return to democracy, freedom and civil liberty.
    No more helmet gestapo or nazis.


  4. Chris Glover Kapiti coast NZ

    Pushbike helmet laws reduce the number of people cycling, and leads to less demand for better, safer conditions for cycling. This is bad for public health because of a lack of exercise and a huge increase in obesity related diseases. It is bad for the environment, due to an increase in pollution, noise and congestion from motor vehicles. Compulsory bicycle helmet laws reduce the quality of life. There have been no benefits from mandatory helmet laws.


  5. Chris Glover Kapiti coast NZ

    Bicycle helmet laws make bike share schemes unworkable, causing them to fail, like the one in Auckland. Pushbike helmet laws have caused bike share schemes in Melbourne and Brisbane to perform poorly. Their performance is less than 10 percent compared to bike share schemes in countries and states without a helmet law. The only reason these bike share schemes survive is because they are funded by the taxpayer or ratepayer.


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