Accessorise your bike – the coffee cup holder!

While a mirror adds potential safety benefits, my coffee cup holder is purely for pleasure. (Although arguably it is safer to put my hot coffee in a holder than try to ride with it in my hand!). Last year my commute to work included a stop at a cafe followed by another 600m ride to work. Too far to consider walking with only one free hand to hold my bike. And I wasn’t going to give up my morning coffee. Conundrum!

Online searches only found cheap plastic looking things in Canada, so I got my very clever cousin to make me one (he does stuff with metal, and is quite clever at it). It was amazing! It looks like a steel ring welded together but my ‘ keep cup’ fits so snug and my coffee tastes so good, and I arrive at work all the more happy for it!

It was so great that my husband also wanted one. And I’ve had quite a few envious comments. So I was quite pleased when I spotted one at Revolution Bikes in Havelock North the other day. Also I hear that Cyco up in Auckland sells them. Seems we were onto a good thing there!

If you find anywhere selling them in Wellington, please do tell! Or if you have any favourite accessories, share!

Next week: my beautiful bike bag


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