Roger Geller invitation

I can’t go to this, but I hope you will.

Roger Geller is the Bicycle Co-ordinator for the City (i.e. the Council) of Portland. That mild title belies his effectiveness in leading Portland’s transformation into one the the USA’s top transport cycling cities.

To give you some idea of just how good a job he’s doing, Portland has approximately 580,000 residents, about 1/3 more than Wellington. That should put the following set of figures into perspective.

Portland’s economy is benefiting from the cycling focus to the tune of US$90 million every year. They’re on track to save $400 million in healthcare costs (now that would be a nice chunk out of our taxes), and on the tourism side 78% of visitors said Portland’s bike-friendliness contributed to their decision to travel there. And that doesn’t even start to describe how nice it is to live there.

I’m really pleased to see that Wellington City Council are involved in his visit. That bodes very well for the future.


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