Love to Roll 2012!

Question: What better way to celebrate summer, love and cycling than dressing for a date, hooking up with someone who makes you feel good, and cruising the gorgeous Wellington coast to the Island Bay Festival?

Answer:  All of this – plus the chance to win great prizes!

It’s Love To Roll!

Love To Roll is Frocks On Bikes’ famous Valentine’s “date ride”.  It’s a fresh, fun and fantastic way to celebrate Valentine’s weekend and our great city.

“Lovers To Roll”, dressed to the nines, take to two wheels and enjoy a leisurely, marshalled ride from Oriental Bay to the Island Bay Festival, via Lyall Bay. 

En route, the Love To Roll ride pauses to judge the competitions!  Lovers To Roll will vie to win the titles of Best Dressed Couple, Most Loved-Up Bike, Best-Matched Bike and Rider and Most Chic Lover To Roll.

Dinner for two at Havana, double movie passes to the Empire Cinema and fashion from Emma Collections are up for grabs. And there’s more –  a brand-new, $1,000 Avanti urban bike will be won by one lucky person!

Frocks On Bikes will reveal the lucky winners onstage at the Island Bay Festival.

Love To Roll 2012 – loads of love, summer and cycling – with prizes!


Love To Roll: the essentials

When:  12.30pm Sunday 12th February

Where: Oriental Bay – look for the big hearts (then, via Lyall Bay to Island Bay)

Dress code: dress for a date!

Bring: your road-worthy bike, someone or something that makes you feel good; some water (and sunscreen!)


3 thoughts on “Love to Roll 2012!

  1. Sharon LJ

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to start biking again, owned a wonderful bike when I lived in Thailand and used it often! Now the problem I have is I live up a huge hill (Strathmore) and would love to ride down the hill, but not so keen to ride up again.. in the process of finding somewhere to park my bike so I can link in with a bus going up the hill… 🙂
    Sharon 🙂
    P.S. Unless you think we can convince the bus company to let us take bikes on buses???


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