New look for the new year

Last year Cycling in Wellington won a Cycle Aware Wellington Roll on Wellington award in the Best Improvement category. That was, of course, awesome.

I got to thinking, though. The award certificate was made out to the Cycling in Wellington blog, and, while I guess CiW is a blog, that’s not actually what I intended when I started it.

I wanted a site where new or tentative riders could find out about how to ride in a dress, or whether it’s safe to ride on the road. I also wanted the site to be an aggregator of high-quality information, particularly for decision-makers ranging from local organisations to transport and health planners to central government budget-setters. And finally I wanted it to be a place to build community.

We’re doing the third one pretty well, but I never really got a structure in place that would make the first two work. This is where the new theme comes in.

The site is A Work in Progress and will be for a while. Just like we’re not going to get a perfect cycling environment overnight, we won’t have a perfect site starting today. But we’ll get there.

The deal is that all new content will go on the image slider at the top left. For everyone who comes here just to read the blog, that’s the place to look for updates. You can also click on the Latest tab at the top of the page, and we will probably keep a Latest column on the front page somewhere.

Each post will also go into another category. All the categories can be found on the front page, and also in the category bar at the top. If you have a particular interest in a category you can go straight there. This ought to make the information more accessible. Currently it’s really not.

There will be ads appearing on the site for bike-friendly businesses. I’m not going to charge for this ad space, so if you’d like to advertise or you know a potential advertiser, get in touch. Cyclingwgtn, gmail, etc. This is primarily a transport cycling site, so priority will be given to transport cycling-related ads. But there’s room for any cycle-friendly organisation.

The categories may change and evolve. Eventually all the pages in the page bar will be rejuvenated as well. For now, though, have a look around. Make yourself at home. Tell us what you think of our new look for the new year.

Image credit: Richard Masoner

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