The rockstars are coming!

Yes, Wellingtonians, it’s true. Russ and Laura from PathLessPedaled are making their way to Wellington for some biking journalism on assignment from Bicycle Times and Adventure Cycling. They’ll be looking at cycling culture and bicycle tourism while they’re here, so if you’d like to chat with them about what you’re doing or seeing or loving drop us a line at cyclingwgtn at gmail.

Here’s the first installment of their NZ adventure. Full respect for getting off their 13 hour flight and straight on their bikes – I could barely walk after a 10 hour flight from Malaysia, let alone ride!


Kiwi Chronicles Ep1: To the Edge of the World – from Russ Roca on Vimeo.


4 thoughts on “The rockstars are coming!

      1. i’ve actually contacted them previously saying that i will be in Wellington soon and Russ said if the timing is good, we could ride together. But i will only reach wellington late Feb 😦
        What a pity!


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