Dear Frockers – Happy Summer!

Dear Frockers – Happy Summer!

It’s been a great year, topped off by the amazing night that was Wheel Stylish 2011 (captured by the talented Dominika Zielinska – see photos here and here) and a Youtube video getting its finishing touches – out soon!

We had our final Street Skills workshop for 2011 on 10th December, so over-subscribed we had to get extra trainer power!-  and now… it’s the holidays.  Whoopeeeee!

Frocks On Bikes is looking forward to a frockin’ great summer of two-wheeling fun. Like everyone else we’re going to pack a swimsuit, bottle of wine and a frisbee into the panniers, pump our tyres and head outta town over the Christmas holidays. 

However we’re back on the road with you in the New Year, celebrating the warmer weather and the liberty, fun and fabulosity of getting around on stylishly on two wheels. 

And We Want You!  Frocks On Bikes has had a fantastic 2011, taking our events up a gear and getting slicker, better-funded and generally more professional.  2012 will be a great time to realise some of your great ideas and turn your talents into tangible goodness!  We’re in a position to consider some (gasp!) paid hours, which is a great novelty – though like everything we do, it’s about the Love!

So, get in touch (frocksonbikes, gmail) to be a proper part of the amazing phenomenon that is Frocks On Bikes.  We’re poised to add more cool things if we have the Frocker-power to run them (you’ll remember we all have full-time jobs) so let’s turn your ideas and your summer energy into super-cool events!

And while you’re thinking which ways you can help Frocks rock, grab a pen and get these dates into your 2012 diaries! We will be sending reminder emails about all these as they come up. 

For your enjoyment our summer 2012 programme (so far) boasts: 

  • Sunday 14th January – a Frock-nic in the lovely Wairarapa 
  • Two Street Skills workshops – scheduled for Saturdays 21st January  – & 25th February after Love To Roll 
  • Sunday 12th February – Love To Roll – the celebrated Valentine’s date ride celebrating summer, love and cycling 
  • Thursday 23rd February – A Summer Evening Ride 
  • Saturday 17th March – a Street Skills workshop 
  • A Road Rights & Responsibilities bar evening – date and venue TBC.  

We wish you all a frockin’ great summer, safe and happy riding, and we’ll see you looking fabulous on the road in 2012

Bella, Christina and Leah


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