Bike bells are good

It’s a bit late to recommend Christmas presents, but if you know anyone having a birthday in 2012 I have a most excellent gift idea for you.

Sweetpea Bicycles (“the bike that will love you back”) stock Crane brass temple bells and not only are they reasonably priced, they will ship to NZ for about NZ$9 shipping costs for two. Just make sure you check whether they have the lever strike (pictured on the website) or the hammer strike in stock. I thought I was getting the lever strike but it was the hammer strike that arrived.

Crane temple bells are renowned for their lovely tones, with the brass being the deepest (relatively speaking). They’re also pretty and shiny – incredibly shiny as you can see from the reflection in the image of me taking the photograph.

I find my bell exceedingly useful. I live in Miramar so my ride to work is on shared paths for a good deal of the way. If I want to pass someone or just let them know I’m there, or if I’m coming up to a blind corner on the waterfront, the bell says it all for me. I’ve noticed lately that pedestrians (aka ‘people walking along’) are getting more responsive to bells, which I call progress.

So if you’ve got a spare $25 or so to spend on someone – including yourself – this is a lovely bell that combines form and function. I highly recommend it.

*Sweetpea gets extra cred for being comprised of Natalie the bike builder, and her husband and super cute bebbeh.

Crane temple bell



10 thoughts on “Bike bells are good

    1. Rocket Bikes in Rongotai and Burke’s in Kilbirnie definitely have them. Rocket carry several sizes to fit different handlebar diameters, and Burke’s have some quite nice ‘ring-ring’ bells like the kind that was around when I was a kid.


  1. The Crane is the ne plus ultra of bike bells. You can hear one here:
    It puts me in such a meditative mood that I fear one day I’ll fall asleep while dinging.
    I recently combed the world for these, including a trip to Japan, where they are made. But I did not find them there. Denmark, Netherlands, Uk – no luck. Tracked one down in Davis California, but as Lisa suggests, much the easier way is to go online.
    It is so effective that it even alerts ipodded walkers as I pedal through the Basin Reserve.
    All hail to the Crane and it’s 100% non-plastic construction.


  2. Shiny

    What the profile like? Would the interfere with the fold on my Dahon?
    I’m struggling to find a bell that won’t get smashed off during fold.


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