Have you spotted the Penny Farthing?

Almost as cool– cooler?– than the orcas in the harbor is the sight of a pedaler on a penny farthing.  And the person who rolled into town on the Pioneer Spirit on Sunday, David Wilson, is whiskered and wardrobed to match his ride.  He’s in town briefly as he makes his way from Stewart Island to Cape Reinga to promote the Oamaru’s Victorian precinct and his own 1882 Cycle Works Shop.  He’s also on the prowl for a decent route for the proposed 2014 international penny farthing tour of New Zealand.  Now that’s the kind of event I’ll paint my face for.  Zinc-oxide white?

Wilson is riding alone– no support vehicle.

The penny farthing he’s riding was made in Oamaru and boasts 137 centimeter front wheel.  It’s direct drive– no chain.  Sort of makes you realize how coosh you’re got it, right?  Next time you’re in Oamaru, you can stop by the Cycle Works Shop to give it a go yourself.  It’s on my list.

Have you seen this guy?  Better yet, did he let you try out his ride?



9 thoughts on “Have you spotted the Penny Farthing?

  1. Alex

    I can guarantee you would have fun riding an ordinary, I rode one for many years but have trouble getting my leg over now (i’m 71) I belong to The Veteran Cycle in the UK and I think we have members in NZ


  2. Heather

    We had the pleasure of meeting David at Tatum Park just south of Levin, what a lovely man, gave the kids a turn on his bike, and we wrote in his book, I think he is doing something awesome, we wish him well


  3. Rob & Tara

    We spotted David on the Hutt Road out of Wellington the week before Christmas! He was also spotted by some friends of ours on the Desert Road on the 27th of December! Good luck to him, he looked awesome riding along the Wellington waterfront 🙂


  4. Paul & Andrea

    We are just north of Tirau and it was about 4.30pm on the 10th January.
    What an awesome sight, had to look twice, was amazed to see a Penny Farthing coming down the hill. Thanks for waving back David.
    Safe Travels


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