Roll On Wellington Awards – we’ve been nominated!

In 2011, Cycle Aware Wellington is introducing the ‘Roll on Wellington’ awards. Six categories will showcase the wonders of cycling in this great city, including the best and not-so-best of Wellington cycle infrastructure.

The categories are:

  1. Most cycle friendly shop or cafe
  2. Best piece of cycling infrastructure
  3. Favourite improvement of the year
  4. ‘Most room for improvement’ – cycle infrastructure Hall of Shame
  5. Most courteous road user story
  6. Coolest bike and/or rider seen in Wellington
Cycling in Wellington has been nominated in category 3, Favourite Improvement, which is rather flattering. I hope you’ll all join us at the Library Bar, 53 Courtenay Place this Tuesday at 6. Not only will the winners be announced but it’s the Cycle Aware Wellington Christmas Party AND Patrick Morgan will show “Around the World in 80 Slides” from his recent Winston Churchill Fellowship study tour with transport cycling pics from Japan, Denmark, the Netherlands and the USA.
Artist’s impression of Cycling in Wellington winning the award at the Library Bar on Tuesday
See you there!
UPDATE: Just an update on CAW meeting location for anyone reading this old post. They have moved to the Sustainability Trust on Forresters Lane (off Tory St). See for latest agenda and minutes.

3 thoughts on “Roll On Wellington Awards – we’ve been nominated!

  1. Thank you, Patrick. I’ll write a proper post on the weekend, but I’d like to just say now that it’s the writers and readers who make this website what it is.


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