Save the Basin – Today!

This just in:

Save the Basin – Public Protest
Thursday 24 November

Just before elections you have another chance to protest against the roading plans through Mt Victoria and Hataitai, and the flyover along the basin. The protest is self-directed, and you can plan your trip to home from work along the basin accordingly.

Come to the Basin Reserve on Thur 24 November between 5.30pm and 6pm.
Join other Wellingtonians young and old, and any culture and background.
Walk or ride your bike or skateboard around the outside of the basin as many times as you want.

Then enter the basin and voice your feedback with others – chalk your wishes on the footpath, sign the petition and chat with fellow protesters. If you wish, bring a placard to show commuters what the protest is about (e.g. a road sign “Stop RONZ!”, “Save the Basin”, “Hands off the Basin”).

Share the event on facebook with friends.

To help spread the word, download the poster and flyers from

Spread the word on the protest among your friends and colleagues.  Ask to hang up a poster at your favourite cafe, leave some flyers at your hairdresser or hand some out at your favourite veggie market!

Background information:

The current government plans to spend 75 million dollars to build a flyover (Option A or B) which will effect the livelihood of Hataitai, Mt Victoria as well as the inner city. Both flyovers will impact on the character of the Basin Reserve on the iconic Basin Reserve – whether it is noise levels or a necessary change to the iconic buildings.


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