Sunday Cycle Sweetness –

Germany is taking a rather clever tack. I’d like to see this kind of smart thinking applied to Wellington.

“Mo is a new mobility system – it helps make the city a better place to live. Mo subscribers can rent bikes, cargobikes, ebikes and cars or use public transportation with just one card. With mo it pays to be eco-friendly: choose an eco-friendly transport or use your own bike to collect momiles. The more momiles the lower your bill. For instance if you mostly ride bikes, renting a car gets cheaper. Cycle and save money.”

E-bikes and cargo bikes would work well here – and e-cargo bikes too, I reckon.

mo – mobility for tomorrow from LUNAR Europe on Vimeo.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Cycle Sweetness –

  1. atom

    i wonder if NZ-BUS (parent company of metlink, go-wellington, valley flyer, snapper, etc) see this as a business opportunity…?

    of course for a “real” bike share program to work here, we first need to get rid of the helmet laws.

    i’m not sure, though, if i like the idea of putting a tracking device on my bicycle. that’s a bit orwellian. and i wonder if they have one of those trackers that fits aero seat-posts?


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