Wellopoly Too!

Hey there two-wheeled peeps! Fancy a fun game of Monopoly, played on Wellington city streets?!?!

I thought so! Here are the deets!

Friday, Nov. 18, 19:00 (that’s 7pm) – 22:00, meeting at Civic Square
All bikes welcome and encouraged. Tosses of the dice will scatter participants around and through Wellington’s CBD. Players visit properties, collect money and strive to stay out of jail. At the final bell, we’ll meet to determine who is the evening’s highest roller.

Pre-registration (Bike Barn – Wakefield Street) $5, Race-day registration $7.50.

I participated in the last Wellopoly and it was a hoot and a half. There’s prizes, fun skill tests (I got my Brompton to skid!), rolling of the dice, and jail! One of the best parts is seeing the same cyclists around town for months afterwards and thinking, hey, I know them! Bikes + fun + together = community.

So see you there on Friday for the funnest game of Monopoly ever, right?


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