A Robot and His Bike.

Say what you want about robots and artificial intelligence.  Personally, I think it’s great as long as they aren’t plotting to destroy humanity.  Call me a selective luddite.  But robots on bikes?  Well, okay!  Let’s all be friends!

I’ll ride with this little guy anytime.  He looks like he’s enjoying himself and he’s intrepid enough to forego a helmet.

Seriously, though, this is a pretty amazing feat especially because it emulates a distinctively human activity.  The little dude is contending with gravity and centrifugal forces.  He balances by steering and brakes with his feet.  Sounds familiar.  The robot is endearingly named Primer-V2.  I guess something like Earl would be kitschy?  It appears you can have one of your own for the low price of $2200.  Maybe you were looking for a bike buddy who never wimps out?



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