Rogues and rotters!

While my friend was asleep some bloody sod crept into her lounge and nicked a Giant Talon belonging to a Gentleman Caller. It looks like this.

Phil's very good bike that he wanted to keep

It had these attached:


Phil says:

The frame size of the bike is Medium, and there was an M sticker on the
frame down near the gears.

Giant seems to change the colour schemes each year (mine is the 2012 model)
and I haven’t seen any around Wellington like it. I believe the 2012 model
was released (judging by internet reviews) around the middle of this year.
If you were to ask somebody when they got this bike and they said last year
then I would suspect that they were not telling the truth.

Both lights are easily detachable but the mountings would take a bit more to
remove. The front light was mounted on the right side of the handle bars but
the mounting was always a bit loose. The drink bottle holder is just an old
one (wire construction) that I added after I bought the bike.

Chaps, if you see this bike please the police know straight away.


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