Friday fun film – The real reason motorists hate cyclists?

Could this be why motorists hate bicyclists?

Only a couple of weeks earlier I saw this local video:

Enjoy the weekend…



3 thoughts on “Friday fun film – The real reason motorists hate cyclists?

  1. Tim

    And that second video shows exactly why there needs to be a proper cycleway through the CBD. You have to battle pedestrians on the waterfront and cars everywhere else!


  2. I have only recently returned to Wellington after a few years in the UK and often find cycling through the city a much scarier prospect than my 20km commuting across London.

    The change in the traffic flow with the new bus lanes has made cycling safely across Wellington an even more scarier prospect. There is the waterfront but that in my opinion is not really designed for cycling especially as the temperatures are getting warmer there are far more people out and about.

    The second video from above is actually from me and when the traffic conditions are like thatI find it much safer because the traffic is going slower and is kind of fun whizzing past all the stationary cars 🙂

    The main issue with Wellington (over other cities) is space, there isn’t really the space for comparable cycling infrastructure and time is possibly spent on educating both motorists and cyclists about sharing the roads.


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