It’s time for some Freewheelin’

October may have forgotten to issue a proper invitation to the sun but that doesn’t mean we aren’t marching headlong into summer.  Yay.

To get in the spirit of things, check out the mad funhouse of all things wheeled (and a few things not) at Freewheeling in Wellington.  On 30 October, from 11am – 2pm, head down to Frank Kitts Park for a go on a unicycle.  That right there should be enough to get you to town, right?  If not, there’s a bucket load of other stuff going on as part of Get Out There day.  Maybe you want to try skateboarding, stand-up paddling, or dragon boating?  Or maybe you’re up for some breakdancing?  Parkour?  Parkour!  Whatever.  Just go have some fun and get ready for sunshine.  Because it’s coming.  It’s out there and it’s going to break through eventually.

Check out the pdf of all the sweet bike events coming up around town as well.  If you’re too lazy to open it up, let me say one word to you: Wellopoly.  That’s in November.

Apparently, 3000 people took part in this craziness last year.  So get on your bike and go find some new friends.



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