Sunday Cycle Sweetness

“I can’t get my kids back in the car. They just want to ride the bike.”


4 thoughts on “Sunday Cycle Sweetness

    1. Cycling in Auckland has an article that mentions a few suppliers Apparently EV Lab is looking after the Cargobike NZ business for now – not sure what the story is there but they mostly have electric Yuba Mundos as far as I can see

      Dutch Cargo Bike delivers to NZ and is looking for promotional families in over here


  1. Hi, Daryl from EVLAB here. We ran out of cargos. Still working on that. I have a few electric cargos and we also have Christiana cargo bikes with the box on the front. Cargobikes NZ is getting reborn, so watch this space. If you are keen on any cargo bikes contact me through the site. We will take orders and ship you in a bike. Exciting times for cargobikes.


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