Patrick Morgan shares the (cycling) world

Sometimes, there’s a little bit of benefit to cruising along in a car.  Like last night.  While making a trip I might normally make by bike if I wasn’t feeling so damn off-balance (a touch of that later), I chanced upon a Radio NZ interview with the man I’ve grown to consider THE NZ cycle advocate and man behind CAN: Patrick Morgan.  Doesn’t everyone  kinda heart Patrick?  He’s lives what he preaches, sees all sides and remains a decent guy.  Anyhoo, Patrick received a Churchill Fellowship that is partially funding a trip through Europe and the US to explore best-practice cycle training programs.  Of course, he’s also checking out infrastructure and cycling culture as he goes.

The San Diego cruiser.

Check out the interview and send a little thumb’s up to Patrick for politely pushing the conversation away from bike rider slamming and toward mutual respect.  (Of course, because I’m a brash American, I would have loved to hear him push for more driver training and perhaps even make a few disparaging remarks about the ridiculous entitlement that many drivers tend to feel on a road meant for sharing with other users, but hey, this is why some people just aren’t meant for the gentle world of public relations.)

As for me… heya!  It’s been a while since I’ve been up in these parts.  I spent a month in San Diego, riding a hefty cruiser up and down the boardwalk to get my annual allotment of my native beach life. Just prior to leaving, I took a spill, spraining my ankle and doing minor damage to my legs and single-speed.  It was fine and I’m fine and it’s all good, but I got to admit, I don’t like to fall.  But, back on the bike I go and the world continues to spin.  Let’s all ride safely out there, what say?  Just like Patrick would suggest.


3 thoughts on “Patrick Morgan shares the (cycling) world

  1. I listened to this last night as I was cooking dinner. Pitched just right, I thought. Nothing said that would have been news to regular readers of this site, but nice to listen to just the same.


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