Too good to be true?

Reckon these are for real?

Hutchinson Serenity from fortiche studio on Vimeo.


4 thoughts on “Too good to be true?

    1. Lovely, isn’t it. I’m curious to know how it’s done – it looks old-fashioned but it’s very smooth which makes me wonder if they’re using modern tools to create a low-tech look.


  1. Hutchinson certainly think they are:

    One point to note: the solid insert weighs 1kg per tyre, which isn’t inconsequential. That said, for a lot of users the not having to worry about punctures would be worth the extra weight. They reckon the life of the insert is about 10,000k (vs 5,000k for the tyre itself, which suggests that you can switch them out). So probably a good solution for an urban runabout.

    Personally, I’m a fan of kevlar strip tyres for puncture protection. I now run Specialized Armadillos on my commuter – I’ve only ever punctured once with them, and that was from hitting a 2″ nail that went through the sidewall.


  2. atom

    every few years, someone announces that they “finally” figured out an airless tire. and every time, they’re expensive, hard to find, heavy, and give a poor trade-off between comfort and performance. and they’re hard to get on/off the rims.

    they’re probably perfect for bike-share bikes, where most of those things don’t matter as much as just having a reliable ride.

    i’m a fan of the schwalbe “marathon” kevlar-belted tires. there are also “marathon plus”, continental “gatorskins” and, as jack mentioned, specialized armadillos. which give various amounts of puncture resistance.

    pro-tip for fixing flats: put a cotton-ball in your patch-kit. when you get a flat and change tube, rub the cotton-ball along the inside of the tire. it will find small pieces of sharp stuff that your fingers might miss, or you may not want to find with your fingers. also, line up the logo or PSI label on the tire with the valve, so once the hole in the tube is located, whatever’s in the tire can be located quickly by aligning it with the tube.

    of course, with the puncture resistant tires that are available locally, flats are rare.


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