L’Eroica, a bicycle race like no other

Just when I think I have enough bikes, I see this in my future. And, I hope, in Extreme Picnics’s future too. I think his Trek would qualify.

This vid is a Brooks England production so it’s a bit of a brand-fest at times, but it’s the best combination of information and evocativeness (a word?) that I could find. The event lends itself beautifully to film and there are some delightful ones on YouTube and Vimeo. I do recommend having a look at some of the others.


One thought on “L’Eroica, a bicycle race like no other

  1. You can tell it’s an advertising vid as soon as you hear the first words, when someone with an English accent says “Tuscany.. in the fall.” So, going for that US market, then, eh Brooks?

    I rode a few randonee events in the UK (where they’re usually called audaxes). I’m not a particularly fast rider, so these events were great for me – you have to check in at set points on the ride, and some of the check points don’t open until set times, so there’s a minimum time (so it’s not a full hard out race). Good fun and a good atmosphere. I think there’s a few people trying to set up similar events here in NZ.


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