Skill up, wheel stylishly! And rock your frock

Dear ladies of the Frock and all our darlingest companions, 

If you didn’t get the pleasure of standing in that intense sunshine the other day; if you weren’t tearing away at layers of polar fleece, polyprop and merino to feel its warmth tingle across your bare arms; if you haven’t experienced jubilation at the feeling that summer is so so close on our heels… fret not because: it’s daylight savings this weekend!!  And that means more daylight hours to rock your frock.

It also means that loads of two-wheeled fantasticness is cranking up and you should really think about.. no, no, you should go and get your beautiful bicycle out of the shed (or wherever it may lay) and shine it up to match your own sun-glow cause we are about to have some frockin’ good springtime shenanigans.

For those of you that might feel a bit wintery rusty, slightly slow geared, or could use some good oil on your (metaphoric) chain, Frocks On Bikes first-class Street Skills Workshops are kick starting.  A beginner level workshop with our expert trainers is set for Saturday, 1st October.  A 3-hour workshop will have you spinning (controlled!) circles and give you the exact boost you need to welcome a summer of cycling fun. Small classes ensure you get highly focused attention with a mix of off-road and on-road training. You’ll get your questions answered and demonstrated!  And for $20, it’s the steal of the season.  Send us an email with “Skill Me Up” to reserve your spot.  There are still spots available but class size is limited so get in quick!

*An Intermediate Street Skills workshop is scheduled for 12th NovemberReserve your spot for that one now too.*

Wheel Stylish: We have just received a grant from Wellington City Council and our fabulous Frocking Mayor, to help deliver Wheel Stylish, the cycle chic fashion show. We are looking for a Project Manager (paid not only in enthusiasm, but also paid in cash!) to help us stitch together the fine threads of this fashionista event.  We are moving the date of Wheel Stylish into November since, well, clearly the world has taken a time-out for rugby  😉

If you know something about something – and especially if you know something about throwing events together –  we’d love to hear from you!

Moving Planet – Saturday, 24th September (yep, that’s tomorrow!) is 350 Moving Planet Day, choosing fossil fuel free transportation.  Ride on down to Waitangi Park at 1.30pm for the big “rocket launch” and then join the Renewable Race around Wellington!  Check the website for an organised ride near you.

Lastly, keep your ears perked and your bells tuned for another Road Rights and Responsibilities evening coming soon.  Know your Rights. Know your Responsibilities. Simple. And so important.

Alright lovelies, ride safe, in style.

for Frocks On Bikes


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