Women: Capitelles do . . . Criteriums – Saturday, September 24th – UPDATED!

Updated VENUE and TIME plus confirmed sponsors (see below)


Don’t know what a criterium is? NO PROBLEM

A criterium is basically a miniature road race. Our course is only 1km! The maximum time you will be racing is 25min! We’ll walk you through the details on the day.


Training for Taupo or just the ride to work? NO PROBLEM

Come along and learn great biking handling skills that will benefit any level of activity. We will cover:

–          Position on the bike

–          Bunch riding, general

–          Bunch riding, race

–          Cornering (excellent for mastering confident descents)

–          Criterium specifics


LOCATION: Trentham Army Camp, Trentham, Upper Hutt

DATE:    Saturday, September 24th, 2011

TIME:    10:45am (Meet ‘n Greet)

11:00am – 12pm (Skills Workshop)

12pm – 12:30pm (Final pre-race prep)




Trilogy skin care gift pack

Rob Ochsner Sports Massage

. . . and more!


Register by email women@pnp.org.nz

Follow us on www.facebook.com/PNPCapitelles

Find us at www.pnp.org.nz/women


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