Sunday cycle sweetness – Straight Outta Brompton

OK Keely and Lesley, it’s time for you two to get out and represent.

via Cyclelicious


3 thoughts on “Sunday cycle sweetness – Straight Outta Brompton

  1. Lesley

    My other half (aka HillBillyMTB) has been using my Brompton a bit recently and has done a few backflips on the Waterfront. Apparently there is a technique for converting a superman into a porpoise using an emergency crash technique.

    We just watched the video, and he said “I could do that” to which I replied “not on my bike you won’t.”


  2. Love the bell noises, that really makes it.

    Also now I’m tempted to take my bike up the lift to the top level of the parking building opposite the MFC, then I can ride the corkscrew ramp down.


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