Regional cycling maps update – tell us what you know

Greetings Cyclists! Feel like a short reprieve from your Friday Monday slog or RWC hype? Then I have a deal for you!

On the next set of Regional Cycling Maps we plan to show where the gradient of streets is very steep (i.e. over 10% grade for at least 50m length). This will be done with a triple chevron icon (like on the Michelin touring maps in Europe).

We don’t have a programme that can show us where all those places are, but we do have a very experienced cycling community (you) and a GIS programme which can be used to check the gradient of a particular street.

The challenge for you is to tell us where you know of a very steep street (which you wouldn’t recommend to a beginner or grandparent, or ride on a single speed or folding bike). Just two rules:

1 – It must be a sealed street/road.

2 – It must be a through-street (we’re not interested in dead-ends).


Here’s what I have so far –,175.141768&spn=0.019893,0.045362

Any more you can suggest will be checked and a warning icon put on the map if it’s over 10%.




7 thoughts on “Regional cycling maps update – tell us what you know

  1. I’ll nominate Carlton Gore Road and Grafton Road between Carlton Gore and Palliser in Roseneath, and Rata Road in Hataitai/Evans Bay.

    I’m really pleased the maps are being reissued.


  2. There’s a little stretch of Hawker St about 2/3 of the way up to the Catholic church which I do every day and which I still need my lowest gear for.

    Hapua St, all of it — not just because of the grade, but because it’s long, narrow, and straight, so you pretty much have to go for it and you can’t stop.

    Upoko St, all of it.


    1. Simon Kennett

      Ha! Very interesting. I have a similar list from Marco (from the PNP cycle racing club).
      Most of it is for training loops, which isn’t my focus. Most of the steep grade warnings on our maps will be for urban roads. Still a day or two on ArcView for me, I fear.


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