2 Walk and Cycle Conference

On 22-24 February 2012 the first ever 2 Walk and Cycle Conference will be held in Hastings, New Zealand at the Hawke’s Bay Opera House in the Opera House Theatre.

The focus of this Conference is on everyday walking and cycling for transport, recreation and tourism. It encompasses all aspects of trips made by these “active modes” (including promotion, infrastructure, safety, policy and training) and their integration with each other, other travel options (e.g. public transport), and our lifestyles in general.

Whilst planning the next NZ Cycling Conference the organising committee agreed it was time to consider holding a joint walking and cycling conference instead. This joint Conference provides a great opportunity to attract a larger number of delegates and speakers, while creating a wider audience and leverage for “active transport”. It also enables both of the respective walking and cycling sectors to address issues within a broader context of transport and mobility planning, creating opportunities to tackle shared barriers and opportunities.

For more information, visit the website – www.2walkandcycle.org.nz


Call for Abstracts

The organising committee would like to hear from those interested in presenting at the 2 Walk and Cycle Conference 2012.

While they are interested in all abstracts that are relevant to the conference theme, “Creating Smarter Connections”, they are particularly interested in those addressing any of the following topics:

* Benefits (economic, health, etc) of providing for and encouraging walking and cycling
* Integration of walking and cycling with public transport and other travel modes
* Progress and success stories from Model Walking/Cycling Communities and similar initiatives
* Commonalities/Conflicts between walking and cycling for planning/policy/design purposes
* Initiatives that address safety of walking/cycling
* Measures to encourage and enhance school walking and cycling travel
* Signage and directional/way-finding guidance for walking/cycling routes and areas

The call for abstracts document (containing detailed information about submitting an abstract) and the abstract submission form can be downloaded at www.2walkandcycle.org.nz/programme_theme.html

Don’t delay – Abstracts are due by SEPTEMBER 14TH.



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