Friday Fun linkpile

Melbourne leads the charge of Australian bike commuters. The other good news from that is that the report it came from was commissioned especially to get an accurate picture of cycling rates so that targets can be set and improvements measured. AND “state and federal transport ministers pledged to double cycling rates by 2015.” It’s a start, right?

Extanz has the 2011 Top 50 Most Influential Cycling Bloggers: Celebrating the ‘Cycle Chic’ Movement. CiW favourite Commute By Bike makes it to number 23, despite the editor’s efforts to disclaim his sartorial leadership.

Bicycle facilities are starting to influence home-buying choices in New York.

The PEdAL ED consept: To ride a bike every day is a resistance style. Open in Chrome or use Babelfish.

Spokes Canterbury have reviewed the Christchurch Central City Plan from a bike riding perspective.

Jahvahaah. Serious cycling. Building community (invite only).

Summer's coming!

Image credit: via Wikimedia Commons


2 thoughts on “Friday Fun linkpile

  1. I was in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago. By Melbourne standards the weather was really cold (not for me as a Wellingtonian, of course). I was struck by how many cyclists I saw even so, and the bike paths , bike lanes and bike racks everywhere. I felt a bit sad. I know the terrain is more favourable there than in Wellington, but as a city they do so much more than we do.

    Interestingly I saw bugger-all use of their bikeshare faciity. In about four days of wandering around the CBD and inner suburbs I saw exactly one person on a bikeshare bike. I hear the mandatory helmet law is really discouraging use of bikeshare — who carries a helmet just in case?


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