Moving Planet Wellington, 24th September

On Saturday September 24th, thousands of cyclists, walkers, skateboarders, rollerbladers and other “movers” will converge on Waitangi Park on the Wellington waterfront at 1.30pm.  They’ll be travelling in groups from suburbs across Wellington, getting in on a mass photo headed for display outside the UN in New York, and then they’ll take on the“RENEWABLE RACE”.

What’s the “Renewable Race”?

It’s 2 hours where “people-powered” movement will take over the town (in an entirely civilised and legal fashion). You’ll head out on bike, foot, board or blade and in 2 hours, try to get to as many of our ace checkpoints as possible.  Each checkpoint will offer up a free or very low cost activity from screen printing a recycled t-shirt, to learning to rollerblade, to a hands on community garden tour. And they’re open to all ages, so bring everyone along.

What do you need to do to join them?

1. Check out the Renewable Race Map at and find a group starting from a suburb near you. (Click on the route to see whether the group is travelling by bike, foot, or another means of transport, and pick the appropriate group starting point for you.)

2. Use the form at, or send an email to let them know your name, email address, and the address of the starting point you will be joining (e.g. The Parade, Island Bay, bike group)

3. On 24 Sept, cycle, walk, rollerblade, skate, or if you live really far out, take the train. Get to you starting point at the advertised time (starting times vary, click on your route on the map to see your starting time.) so that you make it to Waitangi Park by 1.30pm for the mass photo and carbon count.

4. Take over the town. You’re groups’ got 2 hours, so go at it, enjoy our line up of superb checkpoints. (You won’t make them all, so pick your favs and plan  your optimal route.)

5. Post-party and Prize-giving? That’s right, 4.30-6.30 at Meow on Edwards St.  Music, prizes and food and drink available to buy.

By Nileraptor 51 (Cycle Alex) Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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