Road Rights & Responsibilities – get street-savvy in salubrious surroundings!

From 5.30pm, Ti Kouka Cafe, 76 Willis St (by Metro New World)

Stop at Red“ is easy, but it’s still a jungle out there on the roads…. but when are we actually within our rights with cheeky manoeuvres that speed us up or make us feel safer, and when are we actually breakin’ the law?

Every Frocker needs street-savvy – to know where to draw the line between pragmatic decisions to get around safely, and avoiding downright dodgy deeds that deserve a dressing-down.

Back by popular demand, Frocks On Bikes brings you Road Rights & Responsibilities!

At 6pm, road-savvy guru and everyday stylish cyclist, Marilyn Northcotte, will answer all your curliest questions about your rights and responsibilities, doing real riding on Wellington’s …ah… unique roads.

And all in the  stylish, cosy environment of Ti Kouka cafe with its delicious food and drink being served to you!

RSVP to with “I want to get smart on my Road Rights and Responsibilities”, and if you bring in our reply on the night the fabulous guys at Ti Kouka will honour it as a Buy One, Get One Free voucher for delicious house wines and Mac’s Gold.

By CC-BY-2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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