Thursday Fun linkpile

“The Asset & Network Planning Unit aims to ensure that the city has a sustainable, safe, convenient and efficient system of roads, cycleways, footways and passenger transport services that will enhance the quality of life for those in Christchurch.” And they need a Transport Funding Assistant to help them. This could be one of the more fun jobs in this line, given the possibilities for cycling as unveiled in the Christchurch rebuild plan.

The keys to getting women riding for transport are in another highly readable article from The Conversation. Women are the canary in the mineshaft for cycling. A city in which women will ride is a city in which everyone – kids, the elderly, everyone – will ride.

Justin Newcombe gives a blokey run-down in the Herald on how to convert your bike to a fixie.

A bike-riding tailor will understand your Wellington clothing needs.

What with all these excellent National Cycle Trails opening at a rate of knots, it would be a great boost if they were easily accessible via our rail network.

And finally, to distract you from work for a few minutes more, some very fine commuter cycling images at Bike Porn (SFW, in spite of the title).

Stay warm out there.

By Oxfordian Kissuth, CC-BY-SA-3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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