Frocks on Bikes: Be seen in style!

Dear Frockstars

As the Welly weather gets (gradually) better we’re more keen to get out and about on two wheels, rocking our styley scarves, coats, boots and gloves.  Alas, it’s still dark enough in the mornings and evenings that we’re pretty damn hard to see on the roads – and Wellington’s drivers drive as if we’re not there even in broad daylight!

But high-visibility gear? [eye roll]  Do we have to?!

Lucky for you, Frocks has the answer: Be Seen In Style!

Come to the Paramount Theatre’s cosy upstairs lounge at 5.30pm on Thursday 1st September and find out how to choose and use the best style-tested lights and visibility accessories!  (There’s a whole evening for your viewing pleasure – read on!)

Enjoy a coffee or glass of vino while you watch the live demonstration of cunning ways to help drivers see you – while neither spoiling your outfit nor looking like you should be wielding a Stop/Go sign.  We’ll also be demonstrating our favourite winter riding accessories to keep you and your gear warm and dry in any weather – and all in style!  You can then buy whatever you need from our friendly suppliers, who we’ve arranged to bring stocks of our favourite items, so bring your cash.

But wait – there’s more! As an extra treat we’ve arranged to have a special screening of a fabulous film in the Paramount’s bijou Bergman Theatre – Made In Dagenham. 

It’s a great story about women in 1960s England getting stroppy and (gasp) demanding that they be paid the same as the blokes doing same work.  It’s a great film, funny and inspiring – it was in the Film Fest last year – and coincidentally the women in it do quite a lot of riding around looking fabulous in 1960s outfits.

We’ve brought it back especially for Be Seen In Style, and you can get tickets for an outrageously low $10 each if you book in advance.  On the night it’ll be $14 and the Bergman only seats 40, so you’d be smart to get in quick!

Send us an email at with “movie tickets” in the subject line, and how many you want to book, and we’ll reply with the deposit details and send you a special ticket.

So remember: book your tickets, and mark your diaries: Be Seen In Style – 5.30pm. Thursday 1st September, at the Paramount!

Frock on


for Frocks On Bikes


One thought on “Frocks on Bikes: Be seen in style!

  1. Simon Kennett

    This sounds like an awesome initiative! There are so many smart ways to look groovy and be seen, why would any cyclist want to wear ‘tarmac black’?

    Good luck!


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