Dutch Cycling Federation vid

Want a little more action on your commute? Funny how the Netherlands is using what we have (sport/recreation) to market commuter cycling, while we’re aiming for what they have. Hope you’re enjoying the riding weather today.


2 thoughts on “Dutch Cycling Federation vid

  1. atom

    i have no idea what the narrator is saying, or what’s actually being advertised, but this seems sweet. they’re “selling” cycling with the same tactics used to sell cars… the only difference is that most car adds don’t put a face on the driver, making it easier for people to “put themselves in the driver seat”, at least in their minds. with that in mind, i’m not sure how this ad would appeal to anyone beyond the age/gender/race/class/etc of the rider, but it’s a start.

    i wonder if anyone’s ever applied these (tested and proven) tactics to an ad for public transport…?


    1. Simon Kennett

      I agree – it’s cool, but specific. Perhaps an add like this, but with a variety of people would work better. Take the cast from the latest Coke add and put them on bikes in a nice park on a sunny day – see what happens. Cheesy, but effective?

      Metlink in Melbourne have some pretty creative PT adverts:


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