Wednesday Fun Linkpile

Auckland Transport are looking for a Cycling and Walking Advisor.

I love this. Natural High will not only rent you a bike and trailer, you can hire a campervan off them too. Great for local tourists as well as our international visitors.

Q: How much money do you save by commuting by bike? A: About $1 million.

Ecovelo reader Aaron Ximm has some of the best advice I’ve seen for new commuters: get a bike you’ll love to ride!

Not just for individual smugness but also helping meet our Kyoto obligations, Slate investigates how far you have to ride for your bike to pay back its carbon footprint.

Israel follows Mexico and repeals it’s compulsory helmet law after finding the law has had a negative effect.

The BMJ (formerly the British Medical Journal) has published a study showing that the benefits of bike share schemes are greater than the risks of cycling and the net result is that lives are saved. See the abstract (highlighted on the page) for a good summary.

And finally, combining the last two topics, Sydney University’s Professor of Public Health Chris Rissel examines whether helmet compulsion has had a negative effect on Australian bike share schemes.

 By Jankl (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Fun Linkpile

  1. In reading the BMJ study, which is very interesting, we should bear in mind that in Spain, bike helmet laws exist but do not apply in cities or towns. Or so Wikipedia tells me.

    So presumably their results include head injuries that helmet advocates claim helmets would prevent.


    1. atom

      “Objective: To estimate the risks and benefits to health of travel by bicycle, using a bicycle sharing scheme, compared with travel by car in an urban environment.”

      it looks like they’re concerned with urban areas where, according to wikipedia, spanish cyclists are not required to wear helmets. in most places where cyclists are not required to wear helmets, helmets are extremely rare. i’d be curious to see rates of helmet use in barcelona, but i’d guess it’s around 1% of adults.


  2. If my information is correct, Spain had a compulsory helmet law that has been gradually eroded, starting with exemptions for the bike share scheme. It is thought that this has been a major factor in Barcelona rocketing to 7% bike modal share in 5 years.


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