Sunday morning cycle sweetness

Want to get back on a bike? Know someone who does? Check out this video of a 66 year-old Los Angeles City Councillor.

It’s Just Like Riding A Bicycle from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

…and then I wanted to say check out the learn to ride courses at… but I couldn’t find any.

Frocks on Bikes sometimes run them, as do other organisations, but there doesn’t seem to be anything regular. The BikeNZ website doesn’t list any existing accredited instructors, only those in training, and there are no courses for adults available that I could see (although check out New Plymouth! That place is going to be rocking!). Anyone know where to find this information?

Once you’ve got the staying-on-the-bike-while-it’s-moving bit sorted, check out the Greater Wellington Regional Council’s Bike Buddies scheme. Here’s an example of how it might go with your bike mentor. And if you’d like to be a bike mentor for the Bike Buddies scheme, let GWRC know.


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