A nice evening for it.

Helmet heads unite.

Ahh.  Who doesn’t love waking up to a sunny Saturday in the middle of winter?  It’s even nicer after a pleasant (and sonorous) evening ride.  A nice gathering of 21 pedaling bell ringers rolled through town last night in July’s Critical Mass.  Along the route, pedestrians and bar hoppers waved and, on the road, vehicular traffic did a darn decent job of sharing the road. We even got a few honks of support, which I distinguish from honks of dismay by the enthusiastic smiles of the drivers laying on the horn.  Frustrated drivers don’t smile.  Proven fact.

To me, the most kickassinest part of the ride is the riders.  It’s women and men riding old and new bikes, wearing hi-viz or tweed, changing gears or not, on fat and thin tires.  Last night, I saw a decent cross-section of the community.  Of course, there’s room for more. I’d love to see a roadie come along, pedaling at an easier pace than she might normally. I’d love to meet some of those hardcore mud riders whose practice on long night rides down dark trails should have them well-equipped for a winter evening ride.  Oh, and I’d love to see the folks who drove by us with a big ol’ thumbs up and a bike on the back of their car.  Maybe next month, eh?

The blinding.

All in all, nice one, Wellington!  To those in cars who respected our space, thanks!  To those on the sidewalks who cheered our progress, thanks!  And to everyone who rode, good job!  You’re a cool bunch of people.  See you, and maybe some of your friends, next month. (Mark your calendars, folks.  The next Critical Mass is Friday, 26th August at 5:30 pm.)

The bike lift.



6 thoughts on “A nice evening for it.

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  2. Hey guys,

    Awesome vid of your critical mass bike right. You guys keen to do a ride as part of this years global day of action on Sat Sept 24th called Moving Planet – a day to move beyond fossil fuels? 350 Aotearoa are planning a big event in Civic square at 2pm and are trying to get as many people their using renewable forms of transport as possible to get there, followed by entertainment in the square..we want to show the scale of support for a clean energy future, with lots more bikes! Check out more at http://www.moving-planet.org – would be great to have you along for the ride!

    Julia – 350


    1. Hi Julia – You’ll need to get in touch with the Critical Mass guys. If you’re on Facebook you can contact them through the event page – just search for Critical Mass.


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