Storing your bike…

For years, bikes have played a prominent role in my home decor.  We had six Schwinn Sting-Rays for a while, and all of them joined us in the living room, prepped and ready for drunkish post-dinner party rides.  We had an old blue tandem that stretched along a long, white wall for a while and, more recently, a rebuilt Raleigh lazes around the room, the recipient of occasional tinkering and general admiration while it waits for the next day’s ride.

I like the extra zing of color and texture a bike brings to my living space.  I don’t think about the dirt; I think about the next ride.  Maybe I’ve conceptualized our menagerie of bikes into a coterie of much-loved pets.  Or maybe I’m just too cheap and lazy to buy real furniture. Either way, I like to keep the bikes warm, dry and comfortable.

Anyhoo, I saw this video and sort of dreamed about transforming the big white wall behind the Raleigh.  I think the Raleigh would like that, don’t you?

Chairman Ting – Bicycle wall art from Chairman Ting on Vimeo.

Bike wall art

Where do you keep your bike? You got a mural to support it?


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