Friday fun linkpile

This week, Auckland Cycle Chic proves that yes, you do look hotter with a bike.

Commute by Bike attempts to review Levi’s new cyclist’s jeans.

At this end of the country, Wellington Cycle Chic explains a few things about cycling safety. I confess I hadn’t thought of it in that light, but there’s something to what he says.

The new Momentum mag is online.  I love this magazine. My bank balance doesn’t love it as much.

Lovely Bike has been working on a classic French randonneuring bike and it looks gorgeous!

And to finish, a Guardian writer gets it. Different bikes give you much different rides, and YOU get a much different attitude on them.

Sorry there’s no pretty pictures on today’s linkpile. I’ve spent most of the day sorting out the recent site issues and I’m a bit over looking at the screen. If you have a pic you’d like to share, send it through to cyclingwgtn at gmail & I’ll gladly use it to brighten up the post.

Have a great weekend, everyone, and hope to see you at Critical Mass tonight.



2 thoughts on “Friday fun linkpile

  1. That Wellington Cycle Chic article could basically be condensed to John Snow’s aphorism, “cycle on the basis that everyone is out to kill you.” I basically agree with many of their ideas – that, basically, paying attention to other traffic and not riding like a dick makes it much less likely that you’ll be hit. But at one point he says that if you’re hit, it’s always your fault for not anticipating the problem and avoiding it. That’s a pretty strong statement, and sails too close to blaming the victim for me. Personally, I think that you can take a lot of action to minimise your risk, but there’s always going to be the risk of something completely random happening.


    1. Sure, random is entirely possible. But if you look at what he’s saying – take responsibility for every situation you are in – it’s a pretty good place to work from.


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