Critical Mass is Tonight.

Oh dear, with all the mystery going on in the tubular networkings of our humble little blog, our posts about tonight’s Critical Mass may have been disappeared a) into the dark recesses of the interweb’s simultaneously huge and minuscule black hole; or 2) in the ballroom, by Miss Scarlet, with the dagger. There’s also the chance that you can see it, depending on your browser or the ISP your machine finds or your magnetic personality, or something. I dunno.

What I do know is that a fine group of bike riders will assemble today at 5:30 pm at Civic Square for a lovely evening ride. Get your lights on, grab a noise maker, and ride. Did you know that some people choose to get beers after? That’s, like, a party just for you.

See ya there.


6 thoughts on “Critical Mass is Tonight.

  1. Our humble little blog? Surely you meant our breathtakingly awesome, cycle-rocking, lean-mean-whatever-machine, bike-a-licious, best-readers-ever website?

    See y’all at Critical Mass!


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