Here’s something fun for a Friday evening…

Come on, you know you don’t really have plans for the night.  And come on, you know you want to race around town on your bike in search of something.  Right?  (Funny how something so tedious during the day sounds so much more fun if you do it in the dark on a Friday.)

How about joining up with Wellopoly tonight and finally having a reason to pull out that monocle you’ve been saving for just the right occasion?

Full disclosure: I don’t know much about this event but I do know a scavenger hunt when I see it.  It’s billed as Monopoly meets Alley Cat so I think that means you absolutely should bring your get out of jail free card.  Ha ha.  (Remember, I’m American.  You never know when you might end up in jail these days.)

Head to Civic Square at 7pm and play along.  Get all your properties and WIN!  (Goodness knows, you may not have a chance to accumulate so much real estate again.)

AND, for those of you who want to plan ahead, open up your calendar right this moment, find Friday, July 29, and mark it up for Critical Mass.  This time, bring a friend and since I’m a little vague on the theme, either bring E.T. in your basket or dress like PacMan or all of the above.  Whatever.


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