Copenhagen’s 2010 Bicycle Account

Every year Copenhagen publishes a report on how well it’s doing with bikes. The document sets out what the city wants to achieve in terms of bike-friendliness and why, and asks it’s residents how it has done. One of the intro paragraphs from the Mayor reads “Copenhagen’s vision is to be one of the world’s most livable cities. A key element of this vision is being the best cycling city in the world.” I’m a firm believer in this concept, as is Jan Gehl, who produced this excellent, highly pictorial report for Wellington City Council on how to make Wellington a more attractive, livable city.

The Copenhagen report also highlights new initiatives undertaken that year – my particular favourites are the bicyclists rubbish bins and the bike butlers. It’s a very readable report – a few words, a couple of graphs, and lots of pictures of people riding in ordinary clothes, without helmets, and on excellent cycling infrastructure to green yourself with envy over. Enjoy!

Copenhagen Bicycle Account 2010


2 thoughts on “Copenhagen’s 2010 Bicycle Account

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