Any town can become bike-friendly

About a year ago, not long after I started riding bikes again, I came across the Boulder Bike Story from Bikes Belong. The city of Boulder, in Colorado, is one of only three Platinum-level Bike Friendly Communities in the US, and they’ve made a video of how they did it.

Watching it made me believe that we could do the same thing here, that such an aspirational goal is perfectly achievable. I have to confess that at the start of the vid I was thinking jeez, sounds like a lot of work, but by the end of it I’d decided that any effort toward this goal is worthwhile – even if it’s just riding your bike and smiling to show you’re loving it. And who doesn’t already do that!

But you know what? I disagree VERY strongly with something that’s said near the start. One of the City officials says that these things take a long time – it took them 20 years. But here’s the thing: Seville did it in five. I know which one I’d rather be. So let’s go, kids!


Boulder Bike Story from Bikes Belong on Vimeo.


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