The economics of cycling: Calculator tool

Recently I came across this calculator which focuses on the comparative economics of driving and riding. It’s an easy enough tool to build, I suppose, but I’m very pleased that someone has done it and put it out there. Quantifying the dollar values was really interesting. I was quite surprised at the sheer enormousness of the year-on-year savings.

The default values given are American-based so you’ll need to adjust for your own, NZ-based spend (and interest rates), but even if you have no idea what it costs to run a car just leave the default values in. It’s an exercise worth doing.


3 thoughts on “The economics of cycling: Calculator tool

  1. atom

    now multiply that by a few hundred thousand, and think about how much money cities like copenhagen can spend on things of higher value than fuel, oil changes, car insurance, vehicle inspections, etc 🙂


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