Friday fun linkpile

MisteR‘s new collection: The Bicycle Gang. As they say, “Perhaps no other invention has had as much impact on our lives as the bicycle. Originally called the “Hobbyhorse” when it was first invented over 300 years ago, today it is more common than the motor car with over 100 million being produced each year.

Despite this ubiquity, the bicycle remains as unique as the people who ride them, the embodiment of freedom, movement and the possibility of each and every journey.” Oh, quite! They’re even kind enough to link to tips for starting your own bike gang.

Bike Friendly North Shore gives us this excellent, readable review of his new Zero panniers. Currently on special, too!

Here’s a beautiful, summery evocation of Sacramento’s recent Seersucker Ride. How I long for summer!

Great interview with Josh Hon of Dahon and now of Tern, on why they launched Tern Bicycles.

From the Department of Want, the Toronto Standard features this clever invention (and in this weather the wine will be nicely chilled when you arrive).

Just the ticket

5 thoughts on “Friday fun linkpile

  1. Folded Rolam

    Gruess Gott,
    Who could the “Mystery Person” be,by the name of Keely,who left a note today on my Brompton…….? Thanks for the complement,got it earlier this year in Berlin.What model is yours?


  2. Keely

    Ha ha! That would be me – I couldn’t resist leaving a little note on such a beautiful bike : )
    I brought my Bromptosaurus over from Canada – 6 speed geared down 12% for Welly’s hills – and I love it! It’s not very often you see them here – we may have to plan a foldy pub crawl at some point ; )


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