Cycle City, NZ!?

Who doesn't love a bike ride, and a little publicity?

Cool.  A recent Capital Times article reports the growing number of bikes on Wellington roads and trails and, in the process, highlights the reality of cycling’s convenience in our fine city.

Not only did they report some inspiring numbers– how’s about a nice 100% growth in commuters entering the CBD in the past five years?– they also talked to some local bike devotees, including the Mayor, our own Lisa, (Yay Lisa!) and CiW friends (Hi Claire! Hi Patrick!  You’re on the interwebs!).

Wish the writer could have got our url right, but that’s cool.  We’ll let her know.  Maybe if she wants to show up to Critical Mass tonight?  At 5:30.  At the Civic Center.  Just a thought.

Ride on.




4 thoughts on “Cycle City, NZ!?

  1. Alastair

    At the Willis/Lambton intersection one rush hour morning this week, cyclists outnumbered cars 3:1. A good example of the growth in cycling!


  2. Isobel

    This is a good story and it’s great to see more publicity about how great cycling is here! But I would love to see more focus on cycling in the central city and good routes to the inner suburbs. I’m worried that these critical and dangerous areas will get ignored for more external routes that are ‘easy fixes’. Hmmm.


  3. 3:1! Hot diggity! I have to start carrying my camera everywhere, I think.

    @Isobel – agree! But I don’t want to lose the easy fixes either. Hopefully NZTA will come through for WCC and we’ll get the million dollars for the cycling and walking budget.


  4. Hillbilly MTB

    maybe the government could trade in a few low mileage near new BMW’s for some bicycles and give the change to the NZTA????

    dreams are free…..


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