The case of the disappearing bike racks

Now it’s been a while since I last had afternoon noodles at my favourite Courtenay Place Asian cafe, but something has changed…….

There used to be about 3 or 4 bike racks here on the corner of Allen and Courtenay. And now? Well just one meagre signpost.

What’s this all about Wellington City Council? It’s not as if Courtenay Place is oversupplied with bicycle parking. Very disappointing indeed.

"Once, my children, all of this was bike racks....."



8 thoughts on “The case of the disappearing bike racks

  1. Went past today. Fay (sp?) and his helper from Fulton Hogan were reinstalling a rack. I stopped to have a chat – and say thanks – and he confirmed that new racks are going at at 750mm high. A bunch went in at 600mm and are less effective at supporting a bike.

    So, what’s next – stencilling the induction loops at traffic lights?


  2. Lesley

    An e-mail from Stavros at WCC and cc’d to Cllr Pepperell says the stands are being painted and are due for installation this week.


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